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The Children Of Lir

"The Children of Lir” - Part 1 & 2
created and performed by Noel Andrew Harron, Aimée Magee and Xavier Macadé Costa 


Meet Fiachra, Conn, Aodhn and Fionnghula the children of the great sea god Lir. Lir has remarried and their new stepmother isn’t too keen on her new husband’s brood. With every passing day she grows more and more jealous. Watch the story unfold as the children become prey to their stepmother’s envy. With ‘Magical Mystical Irishy Sorcery’ the children begin a transformative quest and journey among a strange land with even stranger inhabitants.


Our Tiny Epically, Fantastical, magical journey interweaves storytelling, puppetry, original

song/music, and zany characters to bring young audiences a message of caring for the environment, as well as introducing them to some of the famous myths of Ireland. 

This film was produced using recycled and repurposed materials. 


A safe children's theatre experience in our current climate.


Supported by @artscouncilni and @aceagrams. 

For @skewbaldtheatre by @noellyboy, @aimeemagee_art, and @xaviermcmusic

Practised Hands

Practised Hands March 2018 To celebrate International Women's Day, Pollen Studio held an evening of archival film and performance. Alongside the screening of scenes from the local linen industry and the significance it had upon working women, artists Jayne Cherry and Alice Clark undertook a performance re-evaluating the significance of linen and the ways it can be repurposed for today. The cloth has an illustrious past but how do we imagine a future for the cloth in a consumer society which disregards waste. This event was in partnership with Film Hub NI and showcases footage from the Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive. It was funded by BFI Film Audience Network supported by The National Lottery. The performance was held in the gallery for Late Night Art Belfast, a city wide gallery opening night that happens on the first Thursday of every month. In house documentation and editing.

Belfast International Festival of Performance Art 2019

Student performance art workshop presentation. Students from the BA Fine Art Degree course at the Belfast Scholl of Art participated in a performance art workshop, led by Shirley McWilliam and Ralf Sander, as part of BIFPA 2017. The group explored different approaches and activities in the 3 day event and presented their work in the gallery space to the public on the final day of the festival. 

Pollen Studios are delighted to facilitate this event for the university, promoting networks and opportunities for emerging artists.

Thirty Five I Cant's

Performance by Jayne Cherry Glass Slippers by Alison Lowry Video by Stuart Calvin on show as part of (A) Dress: Alison Lowry… It takes on average 35 assaults before a women contacts the police about domestic violence. Jayne Cherry performs in a pair of 'glass slippers' created by Alison Lowry. Video edited and filmed by Stuart Calvin. 2017

This work was premiered in the Millennium Court, Portadown and travelled down to Collins Barracks, Dublin, exhibitin titled (A) Dressing Our Hidden Truths. The performance art video work has been purchased by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Collect and Connect

Collect and Connect was the first solo exhibition and performance by final year Fine Art undergraduate Zara Lyness. 

The installation of mixed media porcelain and wax bells takes the visitor through a visual journey of everyday objects that connect with personal histories and relationships. 

The performance, lasting around an hour, included pinning embroidered statements created during performance for the 2017 Belfast International Festival of Performance Art while engaging with the public and participating artists and a ritual destruction of a bell mould. 

The performance ending with the tolling of the only bell with a voice in the installation.


Proximity Pollen/Platform Exchange Proximity brought together new work from selected Pollen and Platform studio members. The exhibition created a varied cross-section of visual art from within the close proximity of both collectives in the area of Queen Street. The exchange encouraged the studio artists to explore new surroundings in the form of a collaborative 'exchange space' and create new work based on the idea of collaboration and celebration.

Performance Art Workshop with Helge Meyer

BIFPA 2015 Presentation of student Performance art workshop with Helge Meyer. 11 March 2015. Pollen Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Among others: Dan Moxham, Olivia Mc Cartan, Rachel Rankin, Louise Concannon and Gearóidin Paddy Devine.


A live sound Performance. Seven starlings are being watched by seven starlings each, this is Murmuration. Listen and follow, watch and follow and let the sound tell you how to fly. 3rd December 2015

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