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The Storyteller

May 2019

Solo installation and performance by Jennifer Davies

Jennifer Davies trained in London as a theatre designer and worked throughout the country on diverse live performance projects. Jennifer has also worked with many community groups and in healthcare environments.  Her recent work has focused on a more personal exploration of human relationship incorporating installation, sculpture, painting and extended drawing.  
In addition to her own practice Jennifer is also committed to curating solo and group shows for students and emerging artists. 
"The Storyteller" is the culmination of a body of work exploring the artists relation to her unknown birth parents and tangible loving bond with her adoptive parents.  Having been born in a Catholic mother and baby unit in the 60s life was transformed by the transference to a privileged home close to London. 
The passage of time has enabled Jennifer to explore her own life story and the relationships that came about by the simple fact that her mother was for some reason unable to care for her.  Similarly, the installation of acquired objects has become the tale of each piece's own life story and rehoming.

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