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Summer of Light

Thursday 1st November 

Solo exhibition by Grainne Dowling

My subject matter is landscape, in particular the rugged landscape of North Mayo and Sligo, the Curragh Co. Kildare and the gardens and natural forms around me.

Ireland is an amazing country, full of texture and history.

I want to celebrate the subtlety and nuance, the sense of timelessness, strength and fragility and to convey this through intuitive abstraction, memory and emotion.

Using the recognised language of landscape such as horizon lines and boundaries, the paint is scraped back, reworked, layered, all the while being mindful of the tones, shapes and edges created. These elements speak to me of waves, clouds, rocks, light, shadow, colour and form, the edges, or liminal spaces, the "thin" place where anything seems possible holds great fascination for me. 

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