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Thursday 5th December 2019 Innishlacken Artists Group Exhibition



Opening Mon 18th Nov 6-9pm

Pollen invites you to an exhibition curated and managed by 2nd year Fine Art students from Belfast School of Art.
This exhibition brings together recent works produced by a diverse group of artists. In order to engage with contemporary territories, the group have taken a multifaceted approach combining their core medium of paint with photography and video with the intent to construct an inclusive, interactive space. Citizens, the title of this exhibition of new work refers to the ambiguity in questioning whether members of this group are the citizens, or do the citizens take the form of the subjects throughout the compositions. 
Citizens is based on a collection of the group’s own personal documentation; from memories and everyday encounters whilst drawing upon imagery from the media. These new works question the boundaries and expectations of a citizen; someone who is a legally recognised subject. The group take such individualist associations of the term and reshape the idea of citizenship as not merely to exist but the importance of communal responsibility and truth. In using a non-linear approach the paintings exist simultaneously to highlight and provide contrasts throughout the works of each member and their distinctive styles whilst playing with the idea of space and intimacy.


What We Do

Pollen Gallery

Established in 2011, Pollen Studios and Gallery is an organisation committed to providing an open and accessible contemporary arts platform in Belfast city centre.

Utilising a proactive community orientated educational arts program, the organisation delivers unique socially sited projects that aim to foster civic and cultural enrichment of the city. In addition, Pollen works with international network of artists and collaborators dedicated to promoting performance and live art.

Pollen Studios and Gallery is a registered charity. Charity No. 100099


Pollen Studio members

Jayne Cherry

Performance, drawing, sculpture, textiles and curation are the result of Cherry examining and deconstructing her past experiences.
Responding too where she has found herself to be from birth, comfort and reassurance replaced with paralysing distress and bewilderment has provided oceans of memory to be navigated through.
Had the choice been hers she would have remained longer in some places and never visited others.
Subjects such as fear, abuse and loneliness are what she now has given herself permission to represent in her work in the hope that this will leave clues for the viewer.

Alice Clark

Making objects of nature subjects of culture is at the core of my practice. I want to challenge where the current condition of nature resides as a subject for artistic intervention and discourse.  Current concepts of the anthropocene and of deep ecology inform my visual research and draw me towards more political interventions in my practice.

Aimee Magee

Working across multimedia platforms, her versatile work explores an array of historical and political themes, encompasing personal experiences and views gained. A constant conversation takes place between the ephemeral and the timeless, creating new perspectives and considerations of general and social structuralist ideologies.

Zara Lyness

I make performances and sculptural objects, often combining both. The value and significance of objects and materials, (implied and perceived), is an underlying motive in the forms I make. Through play and repetition, I allow for evolution and alternate outcomes to occur with qualitative considerations including fragility, absurdity and preciousness. As I search for my own voice I repeat movements and processes adding parts of my story to my work in the hope of striking a connection or a recollection for another. 

Aisling Magee

I am interested in everyday life. The mundane turned beautiful through the eyes of a stranger. How the extra-ordinary to one person is the norm for another, and how similar lives are despite the initial differences. I feel that it is important to learn what a country and its people are like through experience.

Niamh Clarke

My practice reflects an interest in memory and temporality. Exploring the relationship between the photograph and drawing, a focus is placed on the embodied presence of gesture and materialisation through re-description of found and personal photographs.


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