37-39 Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6EA

Pollen Studios and Gallery

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Pollen Studios and Gallery

Pollen Studios and Gallery invite you to join us for Late Night Art exhibition openings and events throughout 2019. 

January 2019: Group Performance arranged by Timo  Viialainenon on Saturday 12th, Joint exhibition by Susan Hughes and Tony Hill opening Thursday 17th January.

February 2019: Group exhibition - The Odd Collection, Thursday 7th February (Late Night Art)

March 2018: Solo exhibition and performance by Phil Keers

April 2018: Group exhibition of invited artists from the local studios at Conway Mill.

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Established in 2011, Pollen studios and gallery is an organisation committed to providing an open and accessible contemporary arts platform in Belfast city centre.

Utilising a proactive community orientated educational arts program, the organisation d
elivers unique socially sited projects that aim to foster civic and cultural enrichment of the city. In addition, Pollen works with international network of artists and collaborators dedicated to promoting performance and life art.

Pollen members