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Pollen Studios and Gallery

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O Christmas Tree

December 2018

For Late Night Art December 2018 the gallery invited visitors to a festive evening of drawing with old Christmas Trees, interacting with the trees doing drawing automatically, or just drawing trees! The trees have resided in Pollen Studios for a number of years and have been activated in different ways at different events. This is not the end of their story, after the event they will be transported to Belfast Zoo to fulfil new roles.

A trip down memory lane with archive footage of Christmas's Past, provided by Northern Ireland Screen, was projected throughout the evening. There was much reminiscing and recollection of long gone stores, renowned for their Christmas windows displays in Belfast City Centre. 

Summer of Light

November 2018

Grainne Dowling found time in her busy schedule for a one night exhibition of her Summer of Light work before taking it to Hambly & Hambly in Enniskillen. This was a very popular exhibition that inspired our Late Night Art visitors and left many of them wondering just how she created the work. 

Pollen Studios would like to thank Grainne for finding the time to share her work with us.To see more of her work got to https://wildapple.com/artists/grainne-dowling/

The Very Skin

October 2018

Pollen Studios were delighted that our Pollen Graduate Award Winner 2018, Lykke Sønderkær, made new work for her solo exhibition in the gallery. The opening night included performance as well as installation. Pollen Studio members wish her the best of luck as she prepares for her RDS Exhibition later this month.

Artist statement

(living - interdisciplinary -  part of nature - female - artist - being-  body)

Nature, humbles me with it’s elements and the countless ways it outsmarts and makes us humans, feel inferior. Yet it comforts me, as I am constantly reminded of my connection to it, the fact that I am part of nature.

Photography, performance art and objects, are all part of my practice and often in reference to the present/non-present body. Contrast fill my work, visually as well as conceptually. The open/closed, live/lived, fragile/strong, natural/obscure, inside/outside, warm/cold, light/dark, hidden/revealed, presence/non-presence.

My story, life, surroundings, body, touch and the camera are my materials and I respond to the world around me, gathering materials, creating connections through images and objects. My  experience of being in-between cultures and homes, gives rise to endless questions and my practice is a space for me to reflect inside on the outside. Questions of culture, identity, belonging, home, claimed and assigned space.

The internal and external join together in visual and tactile reflection of my perception. I reflect on,  and work with; time space and touch, the traces and remains of life lived.

website: lykke-s.com

instagram: @lykke.soenderkaer

email: lykke.soenderkaer@gmail.com

Moving on

Everyone from Pollen Studios and Gallery wish Rebecca Smyth the very best as she moves studio spaces to join Flax Art. We all agree with you that this is not goodbye, just the end of your pollinating season, and we will cross paths in the future. We have also enjoyed your time spent with us and appreciate all your contributions to the meetings, events and ambience of the studio group. Good luck in this new chapter of your career and with the rest of your PhD.

Drawn to Sound

June 2018

For this Late Night Art event the gallery was converted into a drop in drawing space. Visitors joined us in responding to live sounds with a variety of off beat drawing implements . Thank you to everyone who called in, got involved, made art.

The Big Red Button

Belfast Artists Paper Society 

May 2018

The Belfast Artists Paper Society, including Jayne Cherry, Susan McKeever, Emma McAleer, Nathan Crothers, Emma Whitehead, Deby McKnight and Zara Lyness, combined talents to present alternative perceptions of Armageddon. Warnings, friends, what to bring, what to wear and what it might look like were all different aspects of what we could expect.

Practiced Hands

Jayne Cherry and Alice Clark

March 2018

To celebrate International Women's Day, Pollen Studio held an evening of archival film and performance. Alongside the screening of scenes from the local linen industry and the significance it had upon working women, artists Jayne Cherry and Alice Clark undertook a performance re-evaluating the significance of linen and the ways it can be repurposed for today. The cloth has an illustrious past but how do we imagine a future for the cloth in a consumer society which disregards waste.

This event was in partnership with Film Hub NI and showcases footage from the Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive. It was funded by BFI Film Audience Network supported by The National Lottery. 

Contemplation, Regression

Solo performance by Sarah Smith

January 2018

Sarah, currently taking the MFA course in Ulster University, was invited to Pollen for a solo exhibition after Pollen Studio members visited the Ulster University End of Year Show 2017. For this exhibition she chose to work with performance, duration approximately 1 1/2 hours. 

Images 1- 3 Courtesy of Jordan Hutchings.